VEGT BoomPQ有源滤波补偿

      威歌电气科技(上海)有限公司是一家来自英国的高科技公司是始建于1972年的UK VIGOR TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.在中国大陆的全资子公司。

    VIGOR Electrical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a High-tech company from UK, Is was founded in 1972 by UK VIGOR TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. wholly owned subsidiary in mainland China.

       1965,在布里斯托尔湾北岸,塔夫河口,这里曾经是世界上最大的煤炭输出港,钢铁、汽车装配等重工业高度发达的威尔士首府加迪夫,随着工业化的发展,大量非线性负荷的使用不仅引起了供电质量的恶化,而且对环境与能源供应产生了极大的压力。卡迪夫大学(Cardiff University)的电气专家维格.卢卡斯(Vigor Lucas)教授和他的同事们决定改变这一状况,积极研究探讨如何更好的改善电能质量并提供安全,可靠的解决方案。

       In 1965, Bristol Bay shore, taff estuary, This was once the world's largest coal export port, Iron and steel, automobile assembly such as heavy industry is highly developed for Welsh capital of Cardiff, With the development of industrialization, The use of a large number of nonlinear loads not only caused the deterioration of the quality of power supply, And a great pressure on the environment and energy supply. Electrical expert Professor Vega Lucas and his colleagues of the Cardiff University have decided to change the situation.Active research to explore how to better improve power quality and provide a safe and reliable solution. 

       四十多年来,从同步调相到脉宽调制,从无源调谐到数字逆变,UK VIGOR TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.凭借其拥有的强大的专业研发和设计能力总能够引领着行业的发展,不断向市场提供全方位的最先进,最安全,最有效的电能质量系统解决产品和方案。积极的创新与坚持严格的质量标准的原则使得VGET这个名字长久以来成为质量的同义词,在同行业中享有极高的声誉。特别是对于冶金,化工,采掘,港口货物装卸,车辆制造,轨道交通,大规模集成电路以及数据中心等高负荷与重负载的行业,UK VIGOR TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.提供的高密度,大功率的动态滤波补偿产品能够为用户带来最佳的解决方案。

    From the synchronous phase modulation to pulse width modulation (PWM), from passive tunable to digital inverter, UK VIGOR TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd. with its strong professional R & D and design ability to lead the development of the industry, Continuously to the market of to the provide full range, the most advanced, the most secure, the most effective of the Products and solutions for power quality systems. The principle of positive innovation and persistence strict quality standards has made the name of VGET has become synonymous with quality in a long time, Enjoy high reputation in the same industry. Especially for the metallurgical, chemical, mining, port cargo handling, vehicle manufacturing, rail transport, large-scale integrated circuits, data centers, such as high load and heavy load of the industry, VIGOR TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. provided by high density, high power dynamic filter compensation products can provide users with the best solution.

    如今,UK VIGOR TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.来到中国,凭借着多年的技术积累与严格的质量标准为无功补偿,谐波控制,节约能源提供高度安全可靠的保证。

      Todays, VIGOR TECHNOLOGY come to China. With many years of technology accumulation and strict quality standard, it provides a high degree of safety and reliability of the guarantee for reactive power compensation, harmonic control, saving energy.